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A brief analysis of the application effect of the speed regulating hydraulic coupler
Jan 11, 2018

For high power, long distance belt conveyor, because many machine drive, easy to cause large startup current, unequal distribution of power of each motor defects, and application of soft start technology is a major means of improving its startup conditions, and USES the speed control type hydraulic coupler is relatively ideal method.

The following hydraulic coupler manufacturers to introduce the application effect of the hydraulic coupling.

1. Can realize soft start of belt conveyor.

2. Multi-machine drive can realize multi-machine sequence startup, reduce the impact on the external power grid, and realize the power balance of each motor, and its power imbalance precision is controlled within or minus 5%.

3. Automatically prevent overload.

Based on the coupler can isolate the torque characteristics, hydraulic transmission, slow, when the conveyor overload occurs, coupling between the pump wheel and turbine slip will inevitably increase, turbine, even working oil temperature rising rapidly at this time, reaches 100 ℃, 140 ℃, melt fusible plug, working liquid, the pump bye, protect the motor and transmission components from being damaged.

4. In addition to conveniently realizing the microcomputer control, the manual can be temporarily implemented in the fault state.