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Advantages of dual-cavity hydraulic couplers
Jan 28, 2018

Hydraulic Coupling Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Hebei province specializing in the production of torque-limiting hydraulic coupling manufacturers, superb technology, timely sale, the following is the introduction of dual-cavity hydraulic coupler advantages:

(1) Increasing power transfer capability: The normal chamber type double chamber fluid coupling is capable of delivering power approximately twice that of a single chamber with a radial dimension of 13% less than a single chamber of the same power. Double Cavity Coupler This feature is not common for the case, but if the impeller linear speed limit, when the impeller diameter is used to increase the way to increase the transfer of power is impossible, the use of double-cavity coupler Very meaningful. To this end, Russia, Poland and other countries in the design of high-power speed hydraulic coupler often use double-chamber type.

(2) The balance of axial force: Dual-cavity hydraulic coupler can balance the axial force of the hydraulic coupler, which simplifies the coupler structure, improve the bearing life is great.

(3) save material: Conventional cavity type double cavity hydraulic coupler transmission power is approximately double the single cavity, but the material used is more provincial.