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Application of Hydraulic Coupler in Suspension Conveyor
Sep 22, 2017

Suspension Conveyor Application The hydraulic coupling drive has the following advantages:

(1) to solve the problem of light load start long distance hanging conveyor start more difficult, and suddenly start easy to damage the chain. Application of hydraulic coupling drive, you can slow start, protect the motor and the chain at startup without damage.

(2) coordination of multi-powered machine balanced drive single-chain multi-drive station hanging conveyor, if the drive station motor speed is inconsistent, there will be a loose section of the chain of tight phenomenon, serious may also appear chain "up the mountain." After the installation of hydraulic coupling, to solve the multi-machine drive, balanced load and synchronous operation problems, so that the chain is tight, run well, the failure rate is reduced. Double-chain hanging conveyor with gantry crane, both sides of the conveyor chain should be synchronized, otherwise there will be skewed, severe cases may also damage the machine. Use the hydraulic coupling drive, by adjusting the amount of liquid, so that the two conveyor chain basically synchronized to avoid failure.