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Application of Hydraulic Coupler on Hanging Conveyor
Jan 25, 2018

Suspension Conveyor Applications Hydraulic coupling drives have the following advantages:

(1) to solve the problem of light-load start Long-distance suspended conveyor starts more difficult, and suddenly start easily damaged chain. With a fluid coupling drive, you can start slowly and flexibly to protect the motor and chain from damage during start-up.


(2) Coordination of multi-power machine balanced drive single-chain multi-drive station hanging conveyor, if the drive motor speed is inconsistent, there will be a loose section of the chain a tight phenomenon, the chain may also be serious, "uphill." After the installation of hydraulic coupling, to solve the multi-machine drive, balanced load and synchronization problems, so that the chain is elastic, running well, reducing the failure rate. Double-Chain Suspension Conveyor Just like the gantry crane, the conveyor chains on both sides should be synchronized or skewed. In severe cases, the machine may also be damaged. After the use of hydraulic coupling drive, by adjusting the liquid volume, the two transmission chain basically synchronized to avoid failure.