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Application of Hydraulic Coupler on Scraper Conveyor
Jan 26, 2018

Fluid coupler in the scraper conveyor on the application of the following several points:

(1) scraper conveyor drive requirements:

1. full load start scraper conveyor is often started at full capacity, due to the long transport distance, delivery of materials, so start particularly difficult.

2. overload protection Scraper conveyor often serious overload, often in the process of feeding too much material, material congestion and other failures, and thus the drive system must have overload protection.


Explosion-proof scraper conveyor in the coal mine in the most amount, requiring the drive system with explosion-proof features.

(2) the effect of the fluid coupling on the scraper conveyor

  1. It can solve the full load start problem of scraper conveyor.


2. can effectively carry overload protection, protect the motor and reducer from overload damage.

 Scraper conveyor main features are frequent start and full load heavy load start, load no load, full load, overload and even serious overload constantly changing and no rules. In order to solve the problem of start-up and overload protection, scraper conveyors are almost exclusively driven by torque limiters.