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Attention problems of safe use of couplings
Jun 29, 2017

The coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each movement mechanism, it has the direct influence to the normal operation of each movement mechanism, therefore, must pay attention to when using:

(1) The coupling is not allowed to exceed the specified axis line skew and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

(2) Lings coupling bolts must not be loose, defect.

(3) Gear coupling and cross slider coupling to regular lubrication, generally 2-3 months plus grease, so as to avoid severe wear and tear, causing serious consequences.

(4) The tooth width contact length of gear coupling shall not be less than 70%, and its axial channeling momentum shall not be greater than 5mm.

(5) The coupling is not allowed to have the crack existence, if has the crack to need to replace (can use the small hammer to knock, according to the sound judgment).

(6) The key of Lings coupling should be tight and should not be loosened.

(7) gear coupling tooth thickness wear, the lifting mechanism of more than the original tooth thickness of 15%, the operating mechanism should be scrapped when more than 25%, have broken teeth should also be scrapped.

(8) pin coupling elastic ring, gear coupling seal ring, if damage aging, should pay attention to timely replacement.