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Basic introduction of Fluid Drive
Jun 29, 2017

Fluid transmission refers to the use of fluid as a driving medium. It is called hydraulic transmission that relies on the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid to transmit energy. It is called hydrodynamic transmission that relies on the hydrodynamic action of the impeller and liquid to transmit energy. The use of gas pressure to transmit energy is called pneumatic transmission. Transmission is divided into mechanical transmission, fluid drive and power transmission 3 categories. Mechanical transmission is the use of the machine to achieve direct transmission, in which the gear transmission and transmission chain is the meshing drive, friction wheel drive and belt drive belong to friction drive. Fluid transmission is the transmission of liquid or gas as the working medium, and can be divided into hydraulic transmission depending on hydrostatic pressure, hydraulic transmission relying on liquid power, and pneumatic transmission depending on gas pressure. Power transmission is the use of electric motors to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, to drive the machine work part of the transmission.