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Couplers input shaft and output shaft speed type hydraulic coupler.
Jan 11, 2018

With the continuous development and progress of the society, the torque coupler is widely used.

The relevant knowledge of the limited moment coupler is also being noticed by more and more consumers. The following is a brief introduction to the pre-installation inspection of the moment coupler.

Limited moment coupler before installation should check for assembling of motor shaft, coupler input shaft and output shaft hole (or reducer shaft), work machine shaft trunnion, slotting, shaft extension and coupler length is in accordance with the requirements.

Remove burrs and repair damaged surfaces.

The coupling of the coupler shaft with the motor shaft and the reducer shaft is recommended to select the clearance fit with the smaller clearance, and the selection of the transition fit can also be used, but it is not possible to choose the interference fit.

Before the coupler is not started, the working fluid is filled in the auxiliary cavity below, which reduces the filling rate of the working chamber, reduces the starting torque and makes the start-up smooth and soft.

On the other hand, if the auxiliary cavity is located at the top, when the hydraulic coupler starts up, the working chamber is 100% filled with oil, which makes the starting torque and startup impact increase, which is not conducive to the smooth start of the working machine.

When overloaded, the working liquid is large circulation movement. Depending on the dynamic pressure and gravity, it can quickly discharge into the auxiliary cavity below, and timely protect the motor and the working machine from being damaged when overloaded.

If auxiliary chamber at the top, when overload flow direction and the auxiliary chamber in the opposite direction, to rely on the static pressure and gravity, push the liquid to the top of the auxiliary cavity, thus the discharge speed is slow, sensitive as auxiliary cavity in the bottom of the hydraulic coupler.

Hydraulic coupler in alternate method and integral method of the two ways of solving fluid-structure coupling, with alternate method commonly used method, namely the hydraulic coupler impeller flow field and the deformation of the alternate iteration, and the displacement, pressure format considering fluid of incompressibility of individual leaf under the fluid - structure interaction for the computation of the dynamic characteristics of the analysis of features of blade in the condition of fluid-structure interaction.

Speed adjustable hydraulic coupler.