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Coupling can be divided into several categories? For what kind of occasions?
Sep 11, 2017

Commonly used precision coupling are: flexible coupling, diaphragm coupling, bellows coupling, slider coupling, plum coupling, rigid coupling.

1, flexible coupling

(1) an integrally formed metal elastomer;

(2) zero rotation gap, can be synchronized operation;

(3) elasticity to compensate for radial, angular and axial deviations;

(4) high torque rigidity and excellent sensitivity;

(5) clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are identical;

(6) maintenance-free, oil and corrosion resistance;

(7) with aluminum alloy and stainless steel material for selection;

(8) fixed way mainly the top wire and clamping two.

2, diaphragm coupling

(1) high rigidity, high torque, low inertia;

(2) the use of circular or square elastic stainless steel deformation;

(3) high torque bearing, high torque rigidity and excellent sensitivity;

(4) zero rotation gap, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics of the same;

(5) maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance;

(6) double stainless steel diaphragm can compensate for radial, angular, axial deviation, single diaphragm can not compensate for radial deviation.

3, bellows coupling

(1) no backlash, twisted rigidity, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, high temperature;

(2) maintenance-free, super anti-oil, corrugated tubular structure compensation radial, angular and axial deviation, the existence of bias can also maintain constant speed action;

(3) clockwise and reverse needle rotation characteristics are identical;

(4) corrugated pipe material with phosphor bronze and stainless steel for selection;

(5) can be used for systems with high accuracy and stability requirements.

4, slider coupling

(1) no backlash connection for small torque measurement drive structure is simple;

(2) easy to use, easy to install, save time, size range, small inertia, easy to visual inspection;

(3) anti-oil corrosion, electrical insulation, for different materials, slider elastomer selection;

(4) the sliding between the sleeve and the middle piece can allow large radial and angular deviation, the special bump design of the middleware to produce the role of support, to allow a larger angle deviation, no bending moment, Kan axis load To a minimum.

5, plum coupling

(1) compact, no backlash, providing three different hardness elastomers;

(2) absorbable vibration, compensate for radial and angular deviation;

(3) simple structure, easy maintenance, easy to check;

(4) maintenance-free, oil and electrical insulation, operating temperature 20 ℃ -60 ℃;

(5) plum elastic body has four, six, eight and ten petals;

(6) fixed way to have a top wire, clamping, keyway fixed.

6, rigid coupling

(1) light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity;

(2) maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance;

(3) can not tolerate eccentricity, the use of the shaft should be exposed as much as possible;

(4) the main material optional aluminum / stainless steel;

(5) fixed way to clamp, the top wire is fixed.

Coupling main purpose:

Flexible coupling: for rotary encoders, stepper motors;

Diaphragm coupling: suitable for servo motors, stepper motors;

Bellows coupling: suitable for servo motors;

Slider coupling: suitable for ordinary micro-motor;

Plum coupling: for servo motor, stepper motor;

Rigid coupling: suitable for servo motors, stepper motors.