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Fault caused by hydraulic torque converter due to low oil pressure
Jun 29, 2017

The phenomenon is: when the engine throttle full, torque converter inlet oil pressure is still less than the standard value. It is mainly caused by the following reasons: less fuel supply, the oil level is lower than the oil suction port plane, the tubing leaks or jams, the oil flowing to the transmission is too large, the inlet pipe or the strainer is clogged, the hydraulic pump is badly worn or damaged, the oil-absorbing strainer is improperly installed, the inlet and outlet pressure valve cannot be closed or the spring stiffness is reduced

If the oil supply pressure is too low, should first check the oil level: if the oil level below the minimum scale, should be supplemented with oil; if the oil level is normal, should check into, out of the oil pipeline leakage, if there is leakage, should be excluded. If the inlet and out pipes are well sealed, should check the import and export of pressure valve work, if the inlet and outlet pressure valve can not be closed, it should be removed, check its upper parts have no cracks or scars, the oil circuit and the hole is unblocked, and the spring stiffness is small, found that problems should be resolved in time. If the pressure valve is normal, the tubing or strainer should be removed for inspection. If there is blockage, the cleaning and removal of sediment should be carried out, if the tubing is unblocked, it is necessary to check the hydraulic pump and replace the hydraulic pump when necessary. If the hydraulic oil bubbles, should check back the installation of the tubing, such as the oil level of the back tubing is lower than the oil pool oil level, should be reinstalled back to the tubing.