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Fault detection for high oil temperature of hydraulic torque converter
Jun 29, 2017

High oil temperature performance for the machine work when the oil thermometer more than 120 or touch feeling hot, there are several reasons: the transmission oil level is too low, cooling system low water level, tubing and cooler or too dirty; the torque converter has a long working time in the low efficiency range, the fastening screws of the working wheel are loose, the bearing is loose or damaged, and the integrated hydraulic torque converter is closed because of the free wheel clamping;

The diagnosis and elimination method of high oil temperature fault of hydraulic torque converter is as follows: When the oil temperature is too high, the first should stop immediately, so that the engine idling operation, to see whether the cooling system leakage, the water tank is full, if the cooling system is normal, should check the transmission oil level is located between the two marks. If the oil level is too low, the same brand of oil should be added, and if the oil level is too high, it must be discharged to the proper oil level. If the oil level meets the requirements, the machine should be adjusted so that the torque converter can work in the area of high efficiency, and avoid working in the inefficient district. If the oil temperature is still too high after adjusting the working condition of the machine, should check the temperature of the tubing and cooler, if the hand touch when the temperature is low, indicating that the oil pipe or cooler or too dirty, should be removed from the pipeline, check whether there is sediment blockage, if there is sediment should be cleared, and then fitted with the joint and sealing the oil pipe. If the temperature is very high when touching the cooler, a small amount of oil is released from the torque converter shell. If the oil in the end of the metal, the bearing loose or damaged, resulting in the work wheel wear, should be decomposed, replace the bearing, and check the pump wheel and pump hub fastening bolts loose, if loose should be tightened. The above inspection items are normal, but when the oil temperature is still high, should check the guide pulley work is normal. The engine throttle fully open, so that the hydraulic torque converter at 0-speed operating conditions, the hydraulic torque converter exit oil temperature rise to a certain value, and then the hydraulic torque converter into the hydraulic coupler working conditions, to observe the oil temperature drop degree. If the oil temperature drop speed is very slow, it may be due to the free wheel card dead and the guide pulley closed, the hydraulic torque converter should be removed for inspection.