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How to reduce slip ratio of hydraulic coupler?
Jan 11, 2018

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Analysis to reduce the slip rate of hydraulic coupler:

The first method is to modify hydraulic coupler, reduce the hydraulic coupler increase gear transmission ratio, so it can reduce the pump wheel speed, hydraulic coupling the output rotational speed and the feed water pump working speed is close to full load conditions, so as to achieve the aim of reducing hydraulic coupler slip rate.

The second method is to turn the pump impeller of the hydraulic coupler to reduce the pressure head and flow rate of the pump in the original working speed.

When the original pressure head and flow rate need to be reached, the working speed of the pump (heat pump) must be increased, so as to reduce the slip ratio of the hydraulic coupler.

The first method is that the investment is large and the risk is higher, but the operation parameters of the pump can be calculated accurately.

The second method has small investment and low risk, but it is difficult to calculate accurately.

After a comprehensive comparison, we chose the second option with low investment and low risk, namely, turning on the pump impeller.

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