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How to run the hydraulic coupler safely?
Jan 11, 2018

The hydraulic coupler can only be used safely, so as to ensure the normal use of the machine. The following is a detailed description of how the hydraulic coupler can operate safely:

1. The hydraulic coupler must use refractory liquid as working medium.

2. The pump wheel, turbine and casing shall prevent deformation, damage, corrosion or crack.

There is a slight crack in the shell, but the internal stress should be eliminated.

3. The static pressure test should be done during repair. The pressure of 0.3MPa shall be filled in, and the air pressure of the hydraulic coupling shall be sealed and maintained for 5min. The pressure shall not be reduced.

4. The hydraulic coupler with centrifugal rotary valve must be tested for the operation of the centrifugal valve, and its action should be flexible and reliable.

5. Static balance test should be done after maintenance of the hydraulic coupling, and its center of gravity shall not exceed 0.02mm for the axis of rotation.

6. The fusible alloy plug must be complete, and its melting temperature shall conform to the requirements of the hydraulic coupling of each type.

Tips: the safe use of hydraulic couplers is conducive to the normal operation of the work. It is also responsible for the safety of workers and can prolong the service life of the machine.