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How to solve the problem of disassembly of hydraulic coupling?
Jan 11, 2018

Limited moment is the main rotating parts of the fuyite brand ZL104 aluminum parts, assembly and disassembly cannot knock, lest produce fracture, but the output shaft coupler and reducer high speed shaft coupling, sometimes due to the smaller size tolerance, long running rust, make the removal of hydraulic coupler is very difficult, in order to solve the problem of disassembly difficulty, can adopt the following measures:

(1) the YOXE series products can be used without moving the motor, and the coupler can be suspended by the reducer.

(2) using the removal screw in the main axle hole of the coupler to remove the coupler.

(3) using the uniformly arranged screw holes on the left end of the main shaft of the coupler, using the jack to push out the coupler, this method is more effective than the second point.

The above is the hydraulic coupler manufacturer to share with you.