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Hydraulic couplers should be paid attention to
Jan 11, 2018

General machine may encounter the situation of the oil added machine hydraulic coupling as a kind of liquid oil as the working medium, through the pump connects liquid kinetic energy into mechanical energy of the motor and working machinery equipment to realize the power transfer refueling is yes, then the hydraulic coupling for refueling requirement?

The answer is yes, there are several points for the hydraulic coupling:

1. When using hydraulic coupler users do not have strong requirement is that we can rotate hydraulic coupling shell, when oil mouth to a peak of about 55 °, internal working liquid just out of this stage can be regarded as hydraulic coupling can deliver better oil level of high power rating

2. Turn out the filling plug when filling liquid, and then filter the working medium through the filter screen of gf1w0.63/0.2 to fill the cavity of the hydraulic coupling.

After filling the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the filling plug and fusible plug on the hydraulic coupling shell.

3. The oil filling capacity of the hydraulic coupler should not be too small and the minimum charge of oil is 40 percent of the total volume of the working chamber, and too little oil may lead to insufficient lubrication, thus shortening the service life of the hydraulic coupler.

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