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Installation and maintenance of couplings
Jun 29, 2017

The size of the coupling, that is, the maximum radial and axial dimensions, must be within the allowable installation space of the machine. It should be easy to install and disassemble, no maintenance, long maintenance cycle or easy maintenance, replacement of vulnerable parts without moving the two axes, the adjustment of easy coupling.

Large-scale machine equipment adjustment of the two-axis is difficult, should choose to use durable and easy to replace easily damaged parts of the coupling. Flexible couplings of metallic elastic elements are generally longer than those of flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic elements. Need to seal lubrication and use of the coupling is not durable, will inevitably increase the maintenance workload. For the long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, such as the high speed end of the mill transmission system of metallurgical enterprises in China, the tooth type coupling is widely used at present, although the tooth type coupling has a large transfer torque theoretically, it must be lubricated and sealed in good condition to work durably. And often check the seal status, injection lubricating oil or grease, maintenance workload, increase the auxiliary hours, reduce the effective working time, affect the production efficiency. International industrial developed countries, the use of long life, without lubrication and maintenance of the diaphragm joint axis to replace the drum-type gear coupling, not only improve the economic benefits, but also purify the working environment. In the rolling mill transmission system, the elastic movable pin coupling and the fan block elastic coupling are selected in our country, which not only has the advantages of the diaphragm coupling, but also has good cushioning effect and the price is cheaper.