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Introduction of hydraulic coupling method
Nov 14, 2017

1, the working liquid for the hydraulic coupling transmission medium, the amount of liquid many directly affect the size of the coupling can transfer power rating, can achieve the rated power of the coupling in the same specification range through the change of different quantity of liquid can match the different power of motor, to adapt to the no

Same work machine requirements.

2. The performance of working fluid affects the ability of coupler to deliver torque and safety operation.

For working liquid has a relatively high flash point and low solidifying point, large density, appropriate viscosity, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, unfavorable sparkling with precipitation, good lubricity, specific requirements are as follows:

The oil dielectric coupler is recommended to use the water dielectric coupler in the flammable and explosive places such as no.22 turbine oil (turbine oil), no.6 hydraulic transmission oil and 8 hydraulic transmission oil.

The internal structure, safety measures and anti-corrosion treatment of the oil dielectric coupler and the water dielectric coupler are different, and it is absolutely not necessary to change the working medium of the coupler.

3. When the coupling is filled with fluid, the oil plug is used to filter the working medium through the filter of gf1w0.63/0.2 and then fill in the cavity of the coupling.

After filling in the appropriate working medium, all the oil filling plugs and fusible plugs should be checked and screwed up.

4. The maximum filling capacity of the coupler is 80 percent of the total volume of the working chamber. The working fluid must not be full, otherwise the oil temperature will rise and the volume will expand, which will cause the seal failure or the shell to crack.

5. The minimum filling amount of the coupling device is 40 percent of the total volume of the working chamber, and too little oil filling can result in insufficient lubrication of the bearings, thus shortening the service life of the coupler.

6. The correct oil level is important for the normal operation of the coupler. It is recommended that oil level inspection be conducted regularly.

It is recommended to select the moment type hydraulic coupling observation mirror (oil measuring mirror). Through the observation mirror, it is easy to view the liquid charge at any time without opening the coupling.

7, no strict requirements, the user can rotate coupling shell, when the mouth filling spin to about 55 ° from vertical center line of the highest point, cavity working liquid flow can be just as coupling can deliver better oil level of high power rating.

The recommended user should adjust the amount of oil charge according to the actual workload size and condition.