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Limits of hydraulic couplings in low temperature environments
Sep 22, 2017

The hydraulic coupling is powered by the working oil in the chamber between the pump wheel and the turbine, so in some harsh areas, especially the use of the main working oil.

Now we are in northern China alpine region, for example, China's northern alpine region oil field pumping or ski tractors on the use of hydraulic couplings, mostly in the open air, requiring -40 ℃ in the harsh environment can still run The The ordinary L-TSA32 turbine oil cut point only up to -7 ℅, 6 hydraulic transmission oil suspected -30 ℅, 8 hydraulic transmission oil for the point of -35 ℅. Can not be used in the alpine region. Only 0 / SYRH2042-2001 standard 8D hydraulic transmission oil in the condensate point of -50 ℅, can be used in alpine areas open.