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Liquid - coupling liquid and inspection
Nov 16, 2017

Liquid capacity of the limited moment hydraulic coupling:

Type 1) limited moment hydrodynamic coupling of liquid and the transmission power is proportional to, within the prescribed scope of liquid, working liquid, the greater the amount of its ability to drive torque (or speed), the greater the;

And vice versa.

When the external load is certain, the more liquid filling, the higher the efficiency, the greater the starting torque and overload coefficient of the coupling.

And vice versa.

2) the coupling of a certain specification has its specific power range, which is called power belt, and the power belt corresponds to the amount of liquid of the coupling.

The range of liquid filling is 40-80% of the total volume.

When the filling rate is less than 40%, the coupling is not economical due to the failure of the transmission power capacity, and the bearing can not be lubricated to accelerate the wear and vibration, but also prone to overheating.

When the fluid volume is greater than 80%, the fluid coupling property is affected by the lack of fluid flow in the working chamber.

If the cavity is fully filled with liquid, it will not only become bad, but also cause the sealing failure or burst of hydraulic coupling shell after the heat expansion of the liquid.

For this reason, the inerrable perfusion should not be taken