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Lubrication failure analysis of hydraulic coupler.
Jan 11, 2018

Lubrication failure analysis of hydraulic coupler.

Each machine lubrication is necessary for seasoning, if equipment lubrication performance is not good will greatly reduce the machine efficiency and even easy to damage the machine, hydraulic coupler factory today for you to explain the hydraulic coupling lubrication failure analysis

Hydraulic couplers are common for a few points.

Fault and solution of high inlet temperature of hydraulic coupler lubricating oil cooler:

1. The bearing temperature is too high;

Check the bearings.

2. Excessive working oil temperature;

Check the working environment of the equipment and whether there is friction in each transmission part to cause excessive oil temperature.

3. Low flow rate;

Eliminate methods and increase traffic.

4. Fusible plug melts, the coupling efficiency is low;

Eliminate the method and replace the fusible plug.