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Note the use of hydraulic coupler
Nov 14, 2017

The earliest time of the occurrence of hydraulic coupler is the loss power control type (mechanical) speed control.

However, with the progress of technology, the hydraulic coupler gradually showed the following limitations:

1. The hydraulic coupler is the mechanical shaft connection of the mechanical shaft output of the motor and the hydraulic coupler.

The fluid coupler changes the speed through the output end of the coupling of the liquid force and the mechanical shaft of the fan.

The distance between the fan and the motor is far away and the efficiency is poor.

Need to provide the larger installation space, the foundation is complicated.

2. Due to two and a half shafts of the two ends of the hydraulic coupler, the radial pulsation is large, which can cause the leakage of the equipment in a short time.

This will result in mechanical shaft and bearing dry grinding.

Therefore, the failure rate is higher.

3. Hydraulic coupler belongs to a kind of mechanical speed regulating device.

The principle of hydraulic coupler determines the loss of 8-10% of the hydraulic coupler.

At the same time the power loss becomes heat, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high.

A large amount of cooling water is needed to cool the hydraulic fluid.

4, in the actual operation medium oil temperature higher than 95 ℃ above, make the cooler water dirty jams easily, cause of failure.

5. Since hydraulic coupler is the transmission power of hydraulic oil, the speed control is unstable, the power factor is low, and the speed regulation precision is poor.

6. When the hydraulic coupler fails, the device can only stop running.

Serious impact on production.

7. The efficiency of the hydraulic coupler is low, the speed regulation itself is large, the maintenance quantity is large, the second cost is too high.

8, hydraulic coupler belongs to loss power control speed regulating device, according to the state to carry out the policy of energy saving section line, hydraulic coupler is not present for the product development use, from the perspective of the safety of production and operation cost analysis, hydraulic coupler is not suitable for the market at present, will be the electromagnetic control power of the other type of high efficiency and energy saving control device.