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Purpose of hydraulic coupling
Jan 11, 2018

Flexible drive, hydraulic coupling apparatus has a slow shocks, isolation function of torsional vibration, can prolong the startup time, reduce the starting current, make the engine start light load, heavy large inertia load starts difficult problems, overload protection prime mover.

And this product can reduce the motor seat number to achieve energy saving effect.

The speed regulating hydraulic coupler has the function of stepless speed regulation, which is applied to the fan and water pump.

The torque type hydraulic coupling is widely used in:

Hoisting transportation machinery: belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, chain plate conveyor, spiral conveyor, hanging conveyor, bucket wheel piling machine, portal crane walking mechanism, elevator.

Engineering machinery: single bucket excavator, bucket wheel excavators, tower crane, gantry crane, bridge crane, concrete mixer, hoist, scraper, grader, road roller, paver.

Petroleum machinery: oil pumping unit, mud mixer.

Construction machinery: tower machine.

Leather making machine: leather drum, tube bundle dryer.

Textile machinery: airflow spinning machine, card, roving machine, combing machine.

Light industrial machinery: rope making machine, amusement machine.

Metallurgical equipment: coke oven coke machine, all straightening machine, extruder, rolling mill, centrifugal casting machine.

Mining machinery: drilling machinery, crusher, ball mill, mixer, plough, coal washing machine, centrifugal machine, mining mud pump, screening machine, roadway driving machine.

The speed regulating hydraulic coupler is widely used in:

Fan: steel converter smoke exhaust fan, electric furnace dust removal fan, blast furnace blower, the blast furnace dust removal fan, cupola blower, heating sintering plant, heating furnace blower fan and induced draft fan, preheating cycle, soaking furnace blower fan, soaking furnace pulverized coal induced draft fan, air-conditioning fan, fan, the fan, the mine fan, fan, high pressure turbine compressor, gas compressor, roots blower cement shaft kiln, the cement rotary kiln preheater fan, etc.

Pump type: city supply pump, power plant boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, ash pump, mud pump, finished oil pump, raw oil pump, oil field injection pump, plunger pump, oil pump, etc.

Other, centrifuge, mixer, water injection machine, belt conveyor, the engine cooling fan, dredger dredging machine, screw propeller, Marine generator set, compressor, large ball mill, wood cutter and so on.