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Refueling and method of hydrodynamic fluid couplings
Sep 23, 2017

The working fluid of the hydraulic coupling is the medium that transmits the torque of the coupling, and how much of the liquid coupling is filled with the hydrodynamic fluid couplings torque and the overload protection.

For the same type and specifications of the hydrodynamic fluid couplings, the amount of liquid filled directly affect the size of the coupling torque transmission. Its basic law is in the provisions of the liquid filling range, the more liquid filling the more the coupling torque is greater. When the transmission torque is constant, the more the liquid charge amount, the higher the efficiency of the hydraulic coupling, but the starting torque will increase at this time, the overload factor will increase accordingly. You can use a different amount of liquid, so that the same specifications of the coupling with several different power motor matching to apply different work machine requirements.

Hydraulic coupling with the specifications of the hydraulic coupling has its own transmission torque range, known as the power band, the power band with the coupling liquid filling range corresponds. Normally, the liquid coupling range should be 60% ~ 80% of the total volume of the hydrodynamic fluid couplings, not beyond this range, can not be filled. When the liquid coupling liquid filling capacity of more than 80% of the volume, the hydrodynamic fluid couplings in the rotation, due to overload and rapid temperature rise and pressure, resulting in the expansion of the working fluid volume, the hydrodynamic fluid couplings of the internal pressure increases, it will destroy Oh Sealed, causing leakage, and even cause the hydrodynamic fluid couplings of the shell cracking, resulting in mechanical damage.