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Some problems in the daily maintenance of hydraulic couplers.
Jan 11, 2018

The transformation of hydraulic coupler needs to be maintained regularly during the process of use.

Today, I would like to introduce to you some problems in the daily maintenance of a lower limit moment coupler, which is as follows:

(1) after the fusible plug melts, the special fusible plug should be replaced.

(2) when the fusible plug melts, it will produce the oil spray pollution environment;

(3) it is necessary to keep an eye on oil leakage during operation;

(4) it is difficult to install and disassemble during maintenance, and the time is long;

(5) with high maintenance cost, it is necessary to prepare spare parts such as fusible plug, explosive film and transmission liquid medium.

In addition, I remind you that you should pay attention to two points in the operation of the torque coupler.

(1) regularly check whether the surface of the torque coupler is accumulated dust and small particles, if more needs to be shut down;

(2) check whether the air gap of the limit moment coupler is equal, and if the air gap error exceeds 0.75mm, it needs to be corrected.

Transformation of hydraulic coupler.