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Supply SL210 cross - block coupling
Jan 11, 2018

Features of the cross - slider coupling.

1. High torque rigidity and sensitivity.

2. Simple structure makes installation easy.

3. Strong anti-oil corrosion and electrical insulation.

4. Reduce the axis load caused by deviation to *** low.

5. The sliding between the shaft sleeve and the middle can allow large radial and angular deviation.

Maintenance method of cross - slip coupling.

1) assembly, remove burrs, 2) clean all parts assembled, shall ensure that the two welding fork bearing Central Line on the same plane, which allows bad shall not be more than 1 °, spline parts should slide freely, joints should be flexible rotation 3) cleaning the surface, in addition to the flange face, face key daub antirust oil, the rest of the brush anti-rust primer, paint paint (not) again.

4) regularly lubricate, recommend oil injection once a week, and oil injection once a day at high temperature.

5) in order to increase the service life of the cross sliding block coupling, adjust the cross shaft 180 degrees at each time to make the cross shaft journal alternate.