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The application of hydraulic coupler on conveyor
Nov 03, 2017

In order to solve the problem of light load start problem, it is difficult to start the long - distance suspension conveyor, and the sudden start is easy to damage the chain.

When the hydraulic coupling is applied, it can start slowly and flexibly, and protect the motor and chain from being damaged at startup.

(2) coordination engine balance drive Single drive more standing suspension conveyor, if the speed of each station motor, can appear the phenomenon of a Duan Song a tight chain, severe cases may also occur chain "mountain".

After loading the hydraulic coupling, we solved the problem of multi-machine driving, balancing load and synchronous operation, so as to make the chain elastic and uniform, good operation and lower failure rate.

The double chain suspension conveyor is similar to the gantry crane, the conveyor chain on both sides should be synchronized, otherwise the deflection will be caused, and the machine may be damaged by the serious person.

After using the hydraulic coupler drive, the two transmission chains are basically synchronized by adjusting the filling amount to avoid the failure.

Need special attention is that you should be careful on the conveyor with coupling selection, had better use brake wheel, so that you can avoid in the case of normal operation, want to stop stop working conditions of the reach of the coupling