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The belt conveyor adopts the advantage of hydraulic coupler speed regulation.
Jan 11, 2018

Can use cheap cage motor, limited moment matching type hydraulic coupler and cage motor, motor no-load starting, however, to its peak torque starting load, full load starting difficult problems, and can reduce motor seat number of reasonable design, save energy Due to limited moment type hydraulic coupler in a moment of overheating protection, overload protection and working liquid can prevent equipment accidents and burned when driven motor in motor drive or multipolar fuyite brand can be based on the limited moment liquid volume of adjust the opening of the fire control type hydraulic coupler light to make the regulation of a motor power balance, and can reduce starting current order delay starting peak, reduce the transformer capacity.

Can make the motor no-load starting shortening time of starting current and start to reduce energy consumption and decrease the impact on the grid to extend the time of starting and smooth starting can isolate torsional vibration and slow down the impact, so as to prolong the life of mechanical operation, low maintenance cost, transmission system, the more simple, the higher reliability.