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The disadvantages of hydraulic coupler
Jun 29, 2017

(1) There is always a slip, there is a loss of power, torque-limited hydraulic coupler rated efficiency of about 0.96, speed-regulating hydraulic coupler and centrifugal mechanical matching relative operating efficiency between 0.85 ~ 0.97.

(2) The output speed is always lower than the input speed, and the output speed can not be as accurate as the gear transmission.

(3) Speed-regulating hydraulic coupler requires additional cooling system to increase investment cost and operating cost.

(4) The area is larger, need to occupy a certain space between the engine and the working machine.

(5) The speed range is relatively narrow, and the centrifugal mechanical matching speed range is 1 1, and the constant torque mechanical matching speed range is 1 1.

(6) no torque function.

(7) The ability to transmit power is proportional to the square of the input speed, and when the input speed is too low, the coupler specification increases and the performance price ratio decreases.