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The hydraulic coupler manufacturer analyzes the internal structure for you.
Jan 11, 2018

Hydraulic coupler what we know is the appearance Don't know what is your curiosity hydraulic coupler internal structure of hydraulic coupler factory today will give you a analysis of hydraulic coupler structure

The diagram below shows the structure diagram of the hydraulic coupling, which is driven by the engine crankshaft through the input shaft 4 and the impeller 3 is the pump wheel, and the output shaft 5 is loaded into the turbine 2.

Hydraulic coupling.

The pump wheel 3 and the pump wheel shell 1 rotate together to form the active part of the hydraulic coupling;

Turbine 2 and output shaft 5 are the driven parts of the coupling.

There are many blades inside the pump wheel and the turbine, and most of the coupling blades are semi-circular radial blades with sloping sides.

There is a working fluid between the blades.

There is about 3 ~ 4mm gap between the two wheels after assembling.

Their inner cavity forms a circular or elliptical ring main cavity (called circular circle).

The section diagram of circular circle is shown below. The section is the cross section of the input shaft and the output shaft (called the axial section).