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The late performance of the maintenance life of hydraulic coupler.
Jan 11, 2018

Sudden hydraulic coupler failure.

It is mainly the result of all kinds of adverse factors and external influences, and its characteristics are sudden and accidental, which is not related to the time of use of hydraulic couplers, so it is difficult to predict.

Is associated with progressive failure, the failure in the development, operation index decreased, but has not yet been loss function, and close to the fault germination stage, when the fault can be diagnosed, that is a kind of potential failure phenomenon, commonly known as working in spite of illness.

For example, the vibration value of the hydraulic coupler increases gradually, and the sealing system has the trace of oil seepage, which is a potential failure.

Functional failure.

A part of the hydraulic coupler fails, and the function cannot be called functional failure.

Hydraulic coupler before installation should check for assembling of motor shaft, hydraulic coupler input shaft and output shaft hole (or reducer shaft), work machine shaft trunnion, slotting, shaft extension, and hydraulic coupler length is in accordance with the requirements.

Remove burrs and repair damaged surfaces.

It is recommended to choose between the shaft of the hydraulic coupler and the motor shaft and the reducer shaft, and it is also possible to choose the transition fit. However, it is not possible to choose the interference fit.

Mainly by the degradation process of product parameters (wear, corrosion, fatigue, aging) has developed gradually, its characteristic is the probability associated with the use of time, most of hydraulic hydraulic coupler in the later stages of the product effective life of life period.

For example, bearing wear, oil seal wear, seal aging, etc.

The occurrence of progressive failure marks the end of product life and is the symbol of product overhaul.

Since the fault is gradual, it can be predicted.

Hydraulic coupler maintenance.