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The problem of the use and maintenance of elastic coupling used by hydraulic coupler
Nov 16, 2017

The following article describes the use and maintenance of a flexible coupling

(1) when finding the right time, make sure that the motor - coupler - reducer is concentric, otherwise the coupling will be damaged prematurely.

(2) if the elastomers in the coupling are damaged prematurely, they must be caused by a different heart, which should be checked for accuracy while changing the elastomer of the coupling.

(3) check the wear of the coupling at any time and find that the wear and tear are replaced in time.

Do not wait for the elastomers to be completely worn out, the two semi couplings are replaced when the metal collides, which may cause the coupler shell to burst.

(4) at home and abroad coupler used fuyite brand manufacturers limited moment coupling size has not unified, when need to replace coupling or elastomer, should choose the original factory, prevent purchase wrong installation.

(5) easy disassembly type limited moment type hydraulic coupler used column elastic sleeve pin coupling installation, remove the space, should guarantee the enough elastic dowel pin when remove the space is not enough, should be appropriately extended the length of the output end of the half coupling.