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The reason for the oil leakage of the hydraulic coupling
Nov 14, 2017

Most of the shaft end of the hydraulic coupling is sealed with oil seal.

The sealing condition of oil seal is to ensure that the shaft and oil seal lip can form a qualified ink, and the surface tension of ink can be used to produce the sealing effect.

If the three machines are different, the axial force of the hydraulic coupling is affected by the radial force generated by the installation of different hearts, and the resulting movement or pulsation will naturally destroy the oil film, thus producing a leak.

The installation of hydraulic coupling is very important, not only can there be oil leakage phenomenon but also a lot of problems.

There are also premature damage to the bearing, elastic plum pad damage.

It's all about installing different hearts.

So I want you to use the hydraulic coupling first to look at the instructions, or to use the sample.

The cause of the oil leakage in the shaft is the difference between the three machines.