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The superiority of the torque limiting fluid coupling applied on the belt conveyor
Jan 24, 2018

Limit torque couplings in the belt conveyor on the application of the advantages:

① reduce the installed capacity, energy saving, as the fluid coupling to solve the belt conveyor start-up difficulties and load balancing, so the total drive power is reduced, start-up capacity. For example, Guangdong Shajiao Power Plant with a coal conveyor belt used to drive the motor power 110KW, without the hydraulic coupling, due to difficult to start, can only start 90KW load of coal loading, in order to improve the starting ability, installation The YOX500-type torque limit fluid coupling, can start 130KW load of coal loading, running well.


② cheap cage motor can be used to replace the expensive winding motor, the use of hydraulic coupling light start function to ensure the conveyor with a smooth load, smooth start.

③ can be used with delayed start function of the torque-type fluid coupling, the conveyor belt as required slow, steady, delayed start to reduce the tension of the conveyor belt to extend the service life of the conveyor belt.

④ be able to coordinate multi-motor drive, multi-motor order to start, load balancing and synchronous drive.

⑤ with overload protection, to protect the motor and conveyor overload and failure is not damaged.