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Trial and maintenance of the torque type hydraulic coupling
Nov 16, 2017

01 no sharp and frequent positive and negative revolutions.

Theoretically coupling can be positive &negative, but a sharp positive &negative, but a sharp positive &negative, is due to the inertia force is too big damage coupling connection parts, therefore, due to strictly abide by the operation procedures and avoid frequent positive &negative sharply, especially in the tower crane and bridge crane and other host using coupling to pay special attention to this.

The output shaft of the coupler is the same as the motor shaft, and the motor steering should be checked in the first test.

When the motor reaches the rated speed, it must start to transfer from the motive. If the motor does not move, it must stop immediately to check whether the load is too large and the braking phenomenon is produced.

04 continuous operation, the coupling working temperature shall not exceed 90 ℃, and water medium temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃.

The quality of working oil should be checked periodically (every 3000 hours). If the oil quality is found to be bad, it should be replaced immediately.

Check the position accuracy of motor shaft and working machine shaft regularly.

7. Check the motor and working machine installation foundation regularly to avoid the early damage caused by the vibration ripple coupler caused by the base rigid difference.

Regularly check the elastic joint of the elastic coupling or the wear of the elastic disk and replace it regularly.

9. No random disassembly of the enclosure shall be allowed, so as to avoid damaging the sealing and assembly accuracy and balance accuracy, resulting in accidents.

It is not allowed to replace the coupling oil medium with water medium.

It is not allowed to flush the liquid, it is not allowed to be full, and it should be pressed in strict accordance with the instructions.

In the coupling of bearing cavity, grease (commonly known as glycerin) has been filled in the bearing cavity.

When the coupling is in operation, due to the heating of the bearing, the grease is diluted and seeped. This is not the leakage of the working medium of the coupler, and the difference should be noted.

In order to help the heat dissipation of the self-cooled hydraulic coupling, the liquid coupling should be in a well-ventilated place to help cool.

14 to prevent accidents, the coupler should be equipped with a reliable protective cover.