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Use of fluid coupling, installation and removal
Sep 23, 2017

Hydraulic fluid coupling in operation to pay attention to the problem:

     1. The hydraulic fluid coupling can drive in both forward and reverse directions. When the installation is completed, the first test must check whether the coupling meets the required direction of rotation.

     2. Install the mesh shield on the coupler; the coupling does not allow leakage of the coupling when the fluid coupling is in operation. Continuous operation, the working oil temperature does not exceed 90 ℃.

     3. After 3000 hours of operation, the aging of the working oil inspection, if the oil has been aging, you need to change the oil.

Hydraulic coupling in use to note:

     The machine should regularly check the wear of the elastic plate in the coupling with the maintenance cycle of the machine. Check the coaxial accuracy of the motor and the working machine shaft (such as the reducer) regularly and check to ensure smooth operation. Do not disassemble the coupling, so as not to damage the sealing and assembly accuracy. The melting point of the fusible alloy in the fusible plug is 120 ℃. If the oil temperature rises due to the working temperature of the fault, the working oil is melted and the working oil is discharged. Note that the metal plug can not be used to replace the transfer plug. Do not start frequently to prevent overworking of working oil. Should have good ventilation conditions, to prevent direct sunlight. When the motor of the coupling reaches the rated speed, the slave must start to run. If the motor is not moving, it must be shut down immediately to check whether the load is braking.

Installation and removal of hydraulic couplings

      Before the installation of the coupling, the prime mover and the working shaft should be cleaned and greased. Installation is not allowed to use the pressure plate or hammer to beat the coupling aluminum shell, nor hot pack, so as not to damage the seal and components. The screw can be screwed on the working machine shaft and screwed into the screw, and the coupling spindle (coupling coupler) fitted on the screw is replaced by a special nut on the rotating screw and installed on the working equipment. Install the tool as an option, if necessary, please make a purchase at the time of order. Coupler input and output aperture tolerance Recommended user orders specified when the G7 tolerance, if not marked by H7 tolerance.

      When the hydraulic fluid coupling is disassembled, first remove the original motor's bottom plate fastening bolts, move the motor to the left and right sides of the coupling, and then use the hydraulic screw to remove the half shaft on the motor shaft, Finally, with the disassembly screw screwed into the coupling spindle of the removal of the screw hole to remove the main body of the coupling, do not hit the coupling aluminum casing to disassemble. Disassemble the tool as an option, if necessary, make a purchase at the time of order. Not contact with the professional maintenance personnel before, not free to dismantle the coupling main body, to avoid damage to the seal and the balance of precision problems such as the occurrence of damage caused by the user to disassemble, will not warranty.