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What are the advantages of the Constant filling fluid coupling
Sep 23, 2017

The advantages of the hydraulic Constant filling fluid coupling are: to eliminate the impact and vibration; output speed is lower than the input speed, the two shaft speed difference increases with the load increases; overload protection performance and start performance, the load is too large and stop input The shaft can still be rotated without causing damage to the power machine; when the load is reduced, the output shaft speed increases until it is close to the input shaft speed, so that the transmission torque tends to zero. The transmission efficiency of the hydraulic coupling is equal to the ratio of the output shaft speed to the input shaft speed. General hydraulic coupling normal operating speed ratio of 0.95 or more can get a higher efficiency. The characteristics of the hydraulic coupling are different due to the difference between the working chamber and the pump wheel and the turbine. It is generally due to the natural cooling of the shell, no external cooling of the oil supply system. If the hydraulic coupling of the oil vent, the Constant filling fluid coupling is in the disengaged state, can play the role of clutch.