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What are the advantages of the speed-regulating hydraulic coupler?
Jan 11, 2018

What are the advantages of a speed - type hydraulic coupler?

There are several kinds of hydraulic couplers to explain the advantages of the speed adjustable hydraulic coupler.

1. For the fluid machinery (such as fan and pump) that need to be adjusted, there is a significant power saving effect, and the power saving rate can reach 20% ~ 40%.

2. It can start the motor with no load, and can use its peak torque to start torque, improve its starting ability, shorten the starting time of the motor, and delay the working machine to slow start of the motor.

3. When used for multi-machine drive, it can coordinate power balance and reduce the impact current of the power grid.

4. Isolation torsional vibration and mitigation;

Medium strike, prevent dynamic overload, protect motor, working machine, will not be damaged by overload.

5. Easy to realize remote control and automatic control of the working machine, easy to operate.

6. Improve the service life of the working machine, reduce noise and improve the working environment;

Less investment, simplified electrical equipment, lower operating costs.

7. Simple structure, reliable, no mechanical wear, can work under harsh conditions, without special maintenance of the west German filter element, and long service life.