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What are the energy saving principles of the limited moment hydraulic coupler
Nov 03, 2017

(1) light load start energy saving

Due to the hydraulic coupling solved the difficult problem, motor start so approximation with heavy load motor no-load startup, and low starting current, start time is short, small impact on the grid, and start the process of low power consumption;

The longer the startup time, the more frequent the startup times, and the more energy efficiency of the hydraulic coupling transmission.

(2) reduce the motor capacity and energy saving

Due to the hydraulic coupling can solve the problem of large inertia mechanical difficult to start, and has the overload protection function of vibration and shock isolation, twist, so while selecting a design, no intends to increase the motor selection margin, usually by pressing type selection




Pd =I: I. 05:1.1

PZ - working machine shaft power.


PZ - coupling rated power kw

Pd - motor rated power, kw

By using the hydraulic coupling drive and the rigid transmission ratio, at least one motor seat number can be reduced, reducing the installed capacity of 15% ~ 25%. The energy saving effect of the motor base of the motor is obvious.

 function factor of improving power factor can reduce power supply capacity and wire section, reduce the voltage on the line loss and voltage fluctuation, the function of the power transmission.

‚ reduce no-load loss good total loss data show that motor motor down a seat number, total consumption fell by 4.8% on average.

ƒ less normal operation of the motor current passing the same power, small size motor is lower than for specification of the motor running current.

(3) overload protection energy saving

 running current is smooth, no overload when large current shock, lower average operating current.

‚ selection don't have to consider the safety margin of motor overload under load, reduce the installed capacity

ƒ protection of motor and working machine from being damaged when overload, reduce equipment failure rate, prolong service life.

(4) coordinate multi-motivation and balanced drive energy conservation

 order start energy saving motor in order start greatly reduce the starting current and the impact on the grid, reduce the power consumption when it is started.

Data show that when three motors drive a working machine together, the order motor is 50% more than synchronous startup.

‚ equilibrium load energy saving due to the motor load equilibrium and vibration, make the motor run smoothly, thus reduce the total driving power, save some electricity.

(5) reduce shock and isolation vibration energy saving

 hydraulic coupling separated by the strong impact load and vibration of machine work, motor is running smoothly, to avoid the current impact of peak load, good for energy saving.

‚ equipped with hydraulic coupling, don't choose the operation condition of the larger coefficient, can choose according to the requirements of normal operation of motor, motor power margin greatly reduced, save power.

ƒ ensure step motor under impact load is damaged, prolong service life.