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What are the main applications of hydraulic couplers?
Jan 11, 2018

Hydraulic coupler is a kind of hydraulic transmission device, and hydraulic coupler is becoming more and more widely, hydraulic coupler is mainly used in what place do you detailed to introduce the below its scope of application:

1. Fan type, converter exhaust fan, electric furnace dust fan, blast furnace dust fan, blast furnace blower, fan, fan;

2. Scraper conveyor and belt conveyor;

3. Mining machinery, metallurgical machinery and cranes;

4. Pump type, boiler feed pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, raw oil pump, conveying pump, mud pump, slag pump, sand pump;

5. Chinese industrial machinery, ceramic machinery and construction machinery;

6. Centrifuge, mixer, belt conveyor.

The above is the introduction of the application range of hydraulic coupler. It is believed that with the continuous innovation of hydraulic coupler products, the application scope will be more and more extensive.