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What are the principles for selecting type matching hydraulic coupler?
Nov 03, 2017

1. Satisfy the driving requirement principle of the working machine

2. The hydraulic coupling should be selected according to the transmission of the working machine.

If the working machine needs to solve the problem of starting difficulty and overload protection, the torque type hydraulic coupling should be selected.

It is necessary to choose a speed - regulating hydraulic coupler.

The torque coefficient of the pump theory is related to the torque coefficient of the hydraulic coupling.

The speed ratio is large, the efficiency is high, the moment coefficient of pump wheel is small.

Conversely, the speed ratio is small, the efficiency is low, the pump theory moment coefficient is large.

Therefore, the torque coefficient and speed ratio (i.e., efficiency) of the pump wheel have to be taken into account in the selection match. The efficiency is higher and the torque coefficient of the pump wheel is larger

3. Principle of efficient energy conservation

It is not necessary to choose a speed adjustable hydraulic coupling for the constant torque machine to choose the torque type hydraulic coupling, because the larger the range of speed regulation, the lower the efficiency.

For linear or cutting lines recommended to choose the work of load change operation machine speed control type hydraulic coupler, because this kind of work machine using speed control operation can be energy saving, but also not to make work in the largest hot point for a long time, because it will waste of resources.

4. Safe and reliable principle:

Can protect the motor and working machine from damage when starting and loading.

The overload protection factor should be lower than the overload factor of the motor and the protective device with overtemperature and overload.

The speed and torque type hydraulic coupling used in underground coal mine should be equipped with explosion-proof function.

5. Mobile operating principles

Must be able to ensure that the whole system works under the specified stable working conditions, not rising, not turning, running smoothly, undulating, sensitive and reliable.

6. The principle of convenient and reliable connection with motor, working machine (including reducer and speed device)

Hydraulic coupling connection with power machine, working machine must be safe and reliable, easy installation and disassembly, short axial dimensions speed and limited moment of large size hydraulic coupling must use does not move work machine and the power machine can remove the connection, and must ensure safe and reliable connection.

The hydraulic coupler used in humid, dust, cold, hot, flammable and explosive environment must have the function of adapting to the bad working environment