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What if the hydraulic coupler is dirty?
Jan 11, 2018

If the clothes are dirty, of course we have to clean them.

Mechanical equipment is no exception, but the process of cleaning is different.

Now, let's learn a little bit about cleaning fluid couplings.

The hydraulic element is disintegrated, the process plug and the interference fit can not be removed, and the combination of the surface coating sealant is removed.

(2) all cleaning items should be put into the container, using hand suction pressure oil gun rinsed repeatedly the lumen and oil components, when cleaning after reaching visual no dirt, clean with cleaner gasoline again.

The mixture is then taken out 100ml, placed in a glass test tube, and observed in the bright spot. If no visible foreign matter and suspended impurities are observed, the cleaning can be considered.

For any large piece that cannot be put into a man's vessel, it must be connected with a high vessel and washed with a cup of oil.

After cleaning the parts, the oil solution and the flushing oil liquid are filtered through filter paper.

(5) the filtered through filter paper into the weighing bottle and a half into the 100 ℃ drying box cover conditions for 1 hour, remove the suit cover, should be in the dryer for cooling after 0.5 hours on the balance according to the total mass.