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What is the closed type hydraulic coupling? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Nov 03, 2017

The closed - lock hydraulic coupling is a hydraulic coupling that is mounted inside or outside of the hydraulic coupler.

According to the principle of the structure can be divided into a built-in centrifugal slide block type friction clutch shape, built-in floating wedge type friction clutch shape and external centrifugal flying block type hydraulic clutch friction clutch shape, built-in ware four.

Advantages of closed-lock hydraulic coupling:

1. Operating under rated conditions, the speed ratio is 1. The hydraulic coupling itself has no loss of slip, and the efficiency is approximately equal to 100% and energy saving.

2. Change the filling volume of the coupler and can adjust the start acceleration time and the transmission moment in the condition that the input speed is constant.

3. Function of hydraulic coupling in start-up stage and good performance of startup.

4. When overloading, the friction clutch is slippery and plays a safe and protective role.

When further overloading, the friction clutch is off and the hydraulic coupling plays a role and can effectively protect the overload.

5. The friction power loss of friction clutch is small, and it is small in temperature, small in wear and long life.


1. The hydraulic coupling structure is more complex and the cost is relatively higher.