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Xinsheng introduces the advantages of two-cavity hydraulic coupler
Nov 16, 2017

Xinsheng hydraulic coupler manufacturing co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of China limited moment type hydraulic coupling, exquisite workmanship, timely after-sale, the following is the advantages of double cavity hydraulic coupler:

(1) improve transmission power: the ability of the normal cavity type of two-cavity hydraulic coupler to transmit power is approximately twice as high as that of single cavity, and its radial dimensions can be reduced by 13% compared with the single cavity of the same power.

Double cavity coupler such features, for the average situation and meaningless, however, if the impeller speed limit, increased when using the way of effective diameter of impeller to improve power has been impossible to pass, when using double cavity coupler is very meaningful.

To this end, countries such as Russia and Poland often adopt double cavity type in the design of high power speed adjustable hydraulic coupler.

(2) balance axial force: the axial force of the two - cavity hydraulic coupler can be used to balance the axial force of the hydraulic coupler, which can greatly improve the bearing life of the simplified coupler structure.

(3) economizing materials: the two-cavity hydraulic coupler transmission power of the conventional cavity type is approximately twice as high as that of the single cavity, but the materials used are comparatively provincial.

And you can see,