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An Overview Of The Combined Operation Of Hydraulic Coupler And Diesel Engine.
Apr 08, 2018

   Hydraulic coupler by matching with diesel engine performance curve can be seen, when the diesel engine rotating speed is rated speed, hydraulic coupling of the input speed is equal to the rated speed of diesel engine, express come at a rate of 1.5%, the output speed is 98.5% of the input speed.When external load increased, effect on the hydraulic coupling output shaft torque increase, need to issue a larger torque engine, so the diesel engine has to slow down along the curve direction, to increase the torque, reaching a new equilibrium.

   In contrast to the deceleration of the diesel engine, the torque capacity of the hydraulic coupler is proportional to the square of the rotating speed.When the input speed (and the diesel engine rotating speed) to reduce, the hydraulic coupling torque slash, have been unable to work in the original point under the rated conditions, then along the lower speed characteristic curve, to increase the slip and improve the direction of the movement, until can and load torque, a new joint working point with diesel engine.

  If the load continues to increase, the diesel engine rotating speed continues to fall, its driving torque curve and hydraulic coupler 100% slip, and I = 0 performance curve intersection, at this point, the diesel engine at low speed running, but I can't shut down, and rotational speed hydraulic coupling output is zero.