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Application And Energy Saving Of Limiting Type Fluid Coupler In Electric Fan Dust Fan
Jan 22, 2018

Limit torque coupling in the furnace dust fan application and energy saving the following points:

① The fluid coupler solves the problem of difficult starting of the motor, reduces the starting current and the duration of the motor, and reduces the impact on the power grid, thus saving a certain amount of electric energy.


② Centrifugal fan shaft power and its rotational speed is proportional to the cube. After the installation of hydraulic coupling, due to the coupling speed difference, so the fan speed decreased by 4%, by 1480r / min, shaft power decreased by 11.5%, 4% deduction of the coupling itself slip power loss, the calculation of energy-saving effect and The measured values are generally consistent. As the fan in the selection of mostly leave a larger margin, so although the lower speed, but for the air volume can still meet the requirements. Details can be consulted: 13839055165@163.com