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Application Of Elastic Couplings Used In Hydraulic Couplers And Maintenance
Oct 27, 2017

The following article describes the use of flexible coupling and maintenance should pay attention to several

(1) to install the correct, be sure to make the motor - coupler - reducer three machine concentric, otherwise it will premature damage to the coupling.

(2) where the elasticity of the coupling in the premature damage, it is sure that the three machines are different from the heart, in the replacement of the coupling elastomer at the same time to check to find positive accuracy.

(3) at any time to check the coupling of the elastic body wear and found a timely replacement of wear and tear. Do not wait for the elastic body of all worn, and half of the metal coupling when the coupling is replaced, which may cause the coupler shell rupture explosion.

(4) domestic and foreign coupler manufacturers limit the type of hydraulic coupler used in the size of the coupling is not uniform, when the need to replace the coupling or elastomer, the original production plant should be used to prevent the procurement is not on the installation.

(5) easy to remove the type of torque-type hydraulic coupler used by the elastic sleeve pin coupling installation, should ensure that sufficient elastic pin disassembly space, when the removal of space is not enough, should be appropriate to extend the output half of the coupling length.