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Application Of Ground Dust Coupling
Jan 28, 2018

Ground dust removal process fluid coupling applications:

Coal dust removal: Flue gas collected by the smoke collection vehicle and combustion, and then into the dust pipe, and then through the dust removal station ground station into the fire extinguishing cooler cooling, and then by the fire pulse pulse dust remover, dust from the dust fan Pumping, the final compliance gas discharged through the chimney into the atmosphere.

Dust removal system and coal loading signal interlock, when the coal loading coal loading signal is given, the cold air valve is closed, the dust blower in the hydraulic coupling under the action of high-speed operation. After the coal is stopped, the fan runs at a low speed under the action of the fluid coupling, and the cold air valve is opened. The cold air removes the heat stored in the fire extinguishing cooler until the coal loading signal is received again and the cold air valve is closed and the fan runs at a high speed , So the cycle, the dust flow through the dust purifier discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney.