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Application Of Hydraulic Coupler In Various Types Of Fans In Coal Preparation Plant
Sep 28, 2017

Coal preparation plant has many fans, pumps, according to process regulation needs, these fans, pumps need to speed. According to the different conditions of regulation, the energy saving rate of about 15% to 25%. Because it is not intermittent operation, so the energy rate is not very high, but compared with the throttle adjustment and venting, energy saving is significant.

The hot flue gas produced by the hot air furnace is removed from the sedimentation chamber by the sedimentation chamber. Since the main fan is dried to the lower part of the desiccant, the wet material is fed from the top of the dryer by the raw coal belt conveyor, and the main material is uniformly dried and dried mostly from the dryer The bottom of the output by the belt conveyor, a small part of the material with the air into the bag filter, dust separation of the material as a product recovery. The purified gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe through the draft fan. After drying the material from the dry on the coal belt conveyor into the dry sorting machine for sorting, after the election of coal and gangue by the belt conveyor output. In the above joint process system, a total of seven with hydraulic coupling drive and speed control. The purpose is to adjust the working conditions to meet the technical requirements and energy saving, four belt conveyor more choice of limited torque hydraulic coupling, the purpose is to solve the problem of light load start and overload protection, extend the life of belt conveyor. Some of the coal preparation plant will dry the dry box to separate, but the choice of hydraulic coupling is similar to the situation.