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Application Of Hydraulic Coupler On Crane
Apr 08, 2018

   The bridge crane, the gantry crane and the heavy tower crane all have the big car operation mechanism.Run institutions belong to more machine drive, using hydraulic coupler drive after, can not only solve the problem of starting difficulty, overload protection, the main is to solve the order to start the machine drive, balanced load and synchronous operation problem, its use effect is very good;

1. Realize smooth start-up without impact, especially in gantry crane and tower crane, which can reduce horizontal vibration and reduce the impact load of the mechanism;

2. No impact on the smooth implementation of the deceleration braking, special gantry crane can take the first motor and coupling inverse-rotation brake, supplemented by the method of mechanical braking, can avoid gear reducer is affected by impact load;

3. Easy to cart the run-time partial, because the hydraulic coupling can coordinate with multi-motor synchronous operation, so synchronous driving can make the running on either side of the organization, to avoid "on track", "bite edge" and deflection caused by the phenomenon such as block, crawling, vibration;

4: realize low vibration and low noise operation. The crane in the workshop USES the hydraulic coupling drive, and the vibration and noise are greatly reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection.

5. Reduce the failure rate of equipment. Since the hydraulic coupling device has light load starting and overload protection function, it can guarantee that the motor and crane are not damaged when starting and overloading.Due to the decrease of the electrical control element, the reliability of the electronic control system is improved, and the failure rate of the motor and reducer is reduced;

6. Simplify operation, realize the simplest operation, easy to use and maintain;

7. To reduce the manufacturing cost, while increasing the hydraulic coupling, but can use YZ series or Y series motor replacement, and the price is cheap wound rotor motor, don't start resistor and complex start control device, the total cost is relatively lower;

8. Reduce the running cost, the motor light load start and sequence start are all energy saving, the equipment failure is reduced, so the running cost is reduced.