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Buffer Protection In Ball Mill Drives - Hydraulic Couplings
Oct 24, 2017

Ball mill commonly used drive mode is: three-phase AC motor + hydraulic coupling + gear reducer + pulley reducer.

    The barrel of the ball mill is used as a pulley for the gear unit. In the ball mill reload start, the motor starting current can reach more than six times the rated current. In order to alleviate the mechanical shock at start-up, the hydraulic coupling is added to the transmission link. The hydraulic coupler transmits the driving energy of the motor by controlling the momentum and torque of the working oil in the working chamber. The motor rotates its working wheel by the input shaft of the hydraulic coupler, accelerates the working oil, accelerates the working oil and then drives the working fluid of the hydraulic coupler to rotate the drive energy to the output shaft and load.

The hydraulic coupler in the transmission system acts as a buffer when starting, allowing the motor to lightly start to reduce the starting current, and then the motor starts to load slowly, to achieve the smooth start of the role of the ball mill to reduce the start of the machinery Impact.

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